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Thread: MD/DC/VA - Big Daddy's December 9-Ball Tournament!

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    MD/DC/VA - Big Daddy's December 9-Ball Tournament!

    I thought I'd post this announcement here to help a friend and a great poolroom.

    It's time for another nine ball tournament at Big Daddy's in Glen Burnie, MD.

    This one will be on Saturday, Dec. 18, 2010 at 12:00 PM.

    See attached flyer at the end of this message for tournament details and feel free to distribute as needed.

    We had such a successful turnout last week we decided to have another one before Christmas instead of waiting until January!

    Some important items to note:

    The field will be limited to 32 players. This tournament was designed to be completed in one day, and one day only. We made an exception for the last tournament and included 10 extra players, which made the tournament last for 12 hours! If this continues, more players will wait until Game Day to sign up, trickling into the pool room five minutes before it is scheduled to start, and expect to get in! This simply will not do. There has to be a limit, because we cannot accommodate 60 - 70 players and expect the tournament to be completed in one day.
    Please pay entry fees early, either in cash or by mailing in your money order (no personal checks). Once again, do not wait until Game Day to pay your entry fees. Chances are you will not be able to play because the field fills up very quickly.
    True double-elimination format will be used. Since the field will be capped at 32, this will allow us more time. Therefore, the final match will be a possible two sets, assuming the person coming from the one-loss side wins the first set.
    Dress code - there is no formal dress code. Look respectable (no low-hanging shorts or pants) and you should be fine. We want your best game, not your best clothing.
    Spots will not be held or saved for anyone under any circumstances. The only way to "lock" your spot is to pay in cash early or send in your money order.

    Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, either by email ( or call my cell (410.804.2290).

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    Re: MD/DC/VA - Big Daddy's December 9-Ball Tournament!


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    Re: MD/DC/VA - Big Daddy's December 9-Ball Tournament!


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