I mean seriously... I leave this afternoon to go shoot a little scotch doubles tourney. I get back some odd 13 hours later and log on as usual.

I see 89 new posts. Out of 89 new posts there is but one actual worthwhile post containing some sort of information (thank you Q for the video).

The rest is dribble. Seriously, wasting my time on 88 other useless non informative posts.

Y'all can bash Gayle as much as you want, but at least she tries and attempts to put something useful in her posts... granted it is oft repeated in several threads... but at least there is content there. Whether we may agree or not, it's more than to two letter abbreviation minus the one letter... or more than the typical one liner.

And then we have Wolfie, who chimes in from time to time but at the very least he throws in some nice humor and originality in his posts.

Hondo... well Lord love him but he's just too busy trying to defend himself, so I can't fault him there.

Sofla is a breath of fresh air from the left, who obviously goes through great effort to not only post topics but also reply to every single little thing that gets responded to him as well. I've grown to respect his intellect as well as be baffled at his patience.

Otherwise... wow... I gotta say this site has become a waste of time. To be brutally honest, I think out leftist brethren as a whole has done the most to post useful information. Steve does OK when he's not following Gayle. Same for Ed who is around few and far between these days. I won't leave myself out, as I'm not on here often... but in my few appearances it has been chatting with Gayle (generally in useful debate at least).

Otherwise, Dub your climb to the top of the posting list may be admirable... but you know you did it cheaply. You CAN post some great info and when you apply yourself you go toe to toe in some good debates.... but replying to yourself repeatedly to get there was beneath you. Sorry, but I watched it... you woulda got there in a few months time anyway just doing what you were doing.

I forget which one of "us" keeps saying "PO..." but really? Is that doing anyone any good?

Anyway, I'm just venting. But I miss the days when CC (RIP) and 9BG and everyone else was on here. Only a few of us around now were here to remember those good ol' days. But yes, there was a time when I'd log on and see 89 new posts, and damn near all 89 were worth reading.

Unfortunately that is not our board any longer. So props to Gayle, Q, Sofla, and sometimes LWW (when he posts a good topic). I know I could do more myself... but in all honesty our left-leaning people have been the most informative and useful posters on this board anymore. Even when I disagree with them, at least there is something there to disagree with. Which is (by and large) more than I can say for us righties.

rant over