After a grueling eight days on the clock, Congress punches out

Jed Lewison
Daily Kos
September 18, 2014

After spending pretty much all of August and the beginning of September on vacation, House Republicans have decided that after 8 days back on the job, they've had enough:

The House of Representatives will adjourn until after the midterm election once legislative business is completed on Thursday.

Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy's (R-CA) office announced the schedule change on Thursday, canceling a work day on Friday as well as the entire week of Sept. 29.

That means the House won't return to session until Nov. 12, the week after Election Day.

Their main accomplishments?

Holding a Benghazi hearing. And voting to authorize U.S. military training for the Syrian opposition to ISIS.

And now they're leaving town after just eight days so they can campaign to keep their jobs ... which apparently consists of campaigning to keep their jobs. Not a bad gig, if you like that sort of thing.