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Ted Cruz was not born in the USA and his father was a former supporter of Fidel Castro. That's the facts, Jack!

Birther sheriff declares Canada-born Sen. Ted Cruz ineligible to run for president

Tom Boggioni

A prominent critic of President Obama, who claims that presidentís birth certificate is a fraud and a forgery, is now stating that Sen. Ted Cruz is ineligible to run for president because he was born in Canada, reports Right Wing Watch.

Speaking on Blog Talk Radio, former Arizona sheriff Richard Mack said that, although he likes the Texas senator, his foreign birth precludes him from serving as Commander in Chief.

In response to a caller who stated that the Constitution bars the Canadian-born Cruz from being president, Mack agreed.

Read the rest and listen to the audio here: http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/10/b...for-president/