The 'West Coast Swing' officially starts here!

At the California Billiard Club in Mountain View, CA

The West Coast Challenge!

April 25-27th $4,000 Added One-Pocket
- Open to 64 Players
- $125 Entry

April 27th-29th $10,000 Added 10-Ball
- Open to 128 Players
- $125 Entry

The One-Pocket is FULL (Major Players!!!)
There are still 40 Spots left for the 10-Ball but we expect that to be full as well.

This event will also be streamed live for 5 straight days by two streamers, POV Pool (Daniel Busch) & On The Rail TV (Fast Lenny). The best railbirds in and out of town are also expected to arrive to the venue and are invited to commentate on the LIVE STREAM.

There will be a $10 Cover charge for spectators who wish to catch the live action but the live-streaming action will be FREE.

Live stream will be at the following sites:
POV Pool -
Fast Lenny -

5 Straight DAYS!!!