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Thread: Precision Cueball Control

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    Hi,ive been trying buddys clock system can anyone explain how to move it around the table

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    If you can master the positioning of the white ball, you can pretty much master the game in a blink of an eye. This includes the speed, distance and angle. The position that your arm is in when you hit the cue ball is fairly important for making the shot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ;39544
    I am wondering about the method that all of you strong players use to control the cueball. I consider myself a halfway decent player, but almost all of my position play is by feel alone. Meaning, I don't use any clock system or any exact tip distance from the center of the cueball. If I need to move the cueball from point A to point B, I just put the tip on the part of the cueball that I think is right...I don't think to myself "ok, half a tip of right english here, half a tip above center" or think "I need to hit this at 1:30". Do you think that if a person has an exact precision method for most of their shots it would improve their game, or is it just a waste of time. And do the pros go by feel or is it a system that they use.
    You can over think things. I try to use high and low English to position the cue ball. If needed I adjust speed as the second tool and side English rarely.

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