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Thread: Straight in shot? Aim LEFT!!!

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    Had a gizz at that silly stuff.
    Kleerly CTE wont work if u only hav one foot. Or, if u hav two feet, but no toes.

    Yes, it iz self deluzion.
    Fancy uzing an aiming system/method which makes things more komplikated, and more diffikult to learn, and more diffikult to remember, and less reliable.
    And, it duznt work.
    And, it probly aint no good under pressure.
    And it iz probly unreliable -- ie kondition of bedkloth makes a big difference to squerve.

    Whats wrong with just learning the kontakts for all angles. Bewdyfull.
    And u kan uze some backbandpivot or fronthandpivot or parallelshift or something during aim -- for minor adjstment -- eg re-aim to 11:58.
    And/or u kan mix in a bit of hoik or swoop on the stroke -- for minor adjustment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by eric. View Post
    <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">originally posted by: Soflasnapper</div><div class="ubbcode-body">nice find. With the classic 10 after 10 time that is preferred in showing watch faces. (uh, how is that supposed to work exactly?) </div></div>

    my best guess is that the "10:10" position of the clock hands cradles the manufacturer's brand and name like a decorative scroll. Also, it adds to the symmetry of the clock/watch being presented.

    Eric >thread is officially derailed

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    On a shot of any serious distance, I doubt that 50% of players have a true enough stroke to hit 12:00 or 11:58 or 12:02.

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    That there 11:58 refers to the kontakt on the qball, not the objektball.
    And the intended kontakt on the objektball iz suppozed to be deadcenter i think.

    And i guess that 11:58 refers to the minute hand (or iz it minute arm), ie it really only means 58. Koz when the minute hand iz at 58 the hour hand would be at 59.833333333333333333.
    If it woz meant to refer to the hour hand, then this would be at this 58 pozzy when the time woz 11:36. But then the minute hand would be at 36 not 58.

    The only unambiguous times near here on a clockface are at 10:54:33, and at 12:00:00, and at 1:05:27, koz at theze three times of day (six times of day) the minute and hour hands would coincide nearnuff.
    A good snooker coach would of course be aware of this stuff.

    Re the 2 hands/arms coinciding -- this coincidence would happen 11 times in 12 hours (and 22 times in 24 hours).
    Pool coaches shood take note.
    I might calculate the missing 4 coincidence times (plus 4 mirror images), when my brain stops hurting from yesterday's effort.
    Dang, its hard to do when u hav been sipping red. And i felt silly when after sipping even more red i had lots of trubble calculating the 1:05:27 point and then realized that it woz a simple mirror image of 10:54:33 -- NNNOOOOOOOOOO.
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