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Thread: Financial ‘Scams’ At Conservative Groups

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    Thumbs up Financial ‘Scams’ At Conservative Groups

    Rachel Maddow tonight shone a spotlight over what appear to be conservative “scams” in order to part supporters from their money, but instead of the money going to support conservative causes, they’re going to the very high-profile individuals involved in these groups. Maddow said while such scams are nothing new, it is particularly striking that they are coming from such high-profile figures in the conservative political movement.

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    Maddow highlighted a tidbit in the FEC filings of Fox News pundit Dick Morris‘ political organization showing the money labeled as “fundraising” went to the conservative website NewsMax, and because Morris’ e-mail list is operated by NewsMax from his own website, Media Matters concluded in its study that a “significant portion” of Morris’ Super PAC money went to “renting his own e-mail list.”

    Maddow concluded that quite a bit of the money given to Morris’ Super PAC ended up going to Morris himself.
    What a surprise!!!! Its a scam!
    Karl Rove says he didn't get paid for his work at Crossroads, he was a volunteer!

    Two names you never hear from Republicans are George Bush and Jack Abramoff.
    The 'Casino Jack' investigation showed that its all about the money and in the Republican Party it goes all the way to the top.

    Its pure greed and self enrichment that that motivates these people but still they are allowed to peddle their crap on TV, WITHOUT being called on it.!?

    Who has been the guy calling the GOP to order with his pledge not to raise taxes?

    Correct, Grover Norquist. One of the original College Conservatives.

    The transcript continues

    BILL MOYERS: In a reminder to himself, Abramoff notes:

    [E-mail from JACK ABRAMOFF]: Call Ralph re Grover doing pass-through.

    BILL MOYERS: And then tells Reed:

    [E-mail from JACK ABRAMOFF]: I need to give Grover something for helping, so the first transfer will be a bit lighter.

    BILL MOYERS: But not to worry with the next $300,000. So when Norquist again kept a cut for his cause, Abramoff registers his surprise:

    [E-mail from JACK ABRAMOFF]: Grover kept another $25K!

    Again, this is money Jack Abramoff is taking from the Chocktaw tribe.

    The Washington Post also did some reporting back in 2006.

    Nonprofit Groups Funneled Money For Abramoff

    The article begins with this paragraph:

    Newly released documents in the Jack Abramoff investigation shed light on how the lobbyist secretly routed his clients' funds through tax-exempt organizations with the acquiescence of those in charge, including prominent conservative activist Grover Norquist.

    As the money passed through, Norquist's organization kept a small cut, e-mails show.

    A second group Norquist was involved with, the Council of Republicans for Environmental Advocacy, received about $500,000 in Abramoff client funds;

    Abramoff and Norquist had found their road-to-gold niche. Norquist helped Abramoff land a BIG lobbyist job, Abramoff convinced the lobbying firm to pay Norquist as well as his Chocktaw client to pay Norquist. In time, their old friend Ralph Reed wanted in on the action. And, as Moyers coins, THE TROIKA was launched and the millions flowed.
    Watch it here.

    ...and this is the guy responsible for the republican intransigence on tax increases? He should be in jail!


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    Financial scams.
    Tautology alert.
    What other scams are there???
    Are there some other types of scam -- ie nonfinancial???

    the united scams of america.

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    A slew of former Repiglican operatives who either went to jail, and then wrote books admitting to the vast Repiglican Corruption, AND law breaking, or became whistle blowers when they couldn't bear watching our troops slaughtered in a Militarily Unwinnable War sold on lies, for Bush's and Cheney's and Rice's Terrorist Oil Cronies, have been telling us for decades about the vast corruption in the Repiglican Party, and we have seen it reach all the way to the White House, in every Repiglican Administration, and in every Repiglican majority consistantly, since and inculding Reagan!

    On Sunday, Scarborough was still lying in his diatribe against Maddow, about what Armetage told Bush about "Slam Dunk".

    Anyone who read Armetage's book knows that Bush's question to Armetage was not even about whether or not Saddam had WMD's, rather the question was about "are the American people going to believe this fixed intelligence" in so many words, yet there is Scarborough, as big a liar as Rove, Libby, Bush, Rice, Cheney, Wolfowitz, take your pick, and he is STILL teling that same lie.

    Rove and Norquist, and the entire Repiglican Party are clearly without conscience, and their unAmerican activities are more blatant than ever before. The lie that tax cuts create jobs! The lie of trickle down economics. The obvious Unconstitutional vote suppression, removing civil rights to organize into Unions, removing the rights of raped women, equal pay, the list goes on and on, and pitifully their base proved that they are as evil as the Repiglicans, and we surely saw that on a massive scale, during their Primary and convention. Hate is their inspiration.

    Regardless of how much proof we have of their greed and corruption, and there is plenty, or how ignorant their mostly flyover voting base, or how hard their internet trolls endeavor to skew facts, it seems they are never held to account for their deception and corruption, as they were to some degree during Nixon, and Reagan, during which hundreds of them were indicted, back when we actually still had that fourth branch, which Repiglicans have bought lock, stock and barrel, since then.

    My point is that Abramoff has told the pathetic story of Repigican corruption, as many others have told, and yet, there are still enough ignorant flyover nutjobs who continue to believe the lies, and deny the facts.

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