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I love how y'all make my first post prophetic.

Embrace the hate ... let it become one with you ... proudly display your devotion to thugocracy for it will soon devour you.
If there was any violence, the proper remedy is in the court system. I support justice being done for all concerned.

For some reason, this perp, I mean, provocateur, I mean, JOURNALIST (of course!) will not press charges. Even though he has the evidence of assault (maybe battery as well), in video form?

Well, then, justice is served, in full measure, just as the alleged victim (provocateur, in reality), has ordered it up. ALL HE WANTED WAS TO PROVOKE THIS RESPONSE. It's a pity he had to resort to his own assault and battery to prompt it, which you support in full cry. Which he is intelligent enough to realize gives him no clean hands access to the bar of justice.