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Thread: In the spirit of Christmas ...

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    In the spirit of Christmas ...

    There are many good charitiesin ths generous land, and in the spirit of Christmas I ask all who can to give money or time to a charitable organization.

    Anyone with a charity that they endorse, please link to them in this thread.

    I am including a few I support myself:

    The Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels.

    One of the most efficient charities on Oit. Doing good works for decades and delivering 92% of donations to actual aid.

    University of the Cumberlands Mountain Outreach program.

    Delivering aid to the poorest pockets of America, and voted one of George Herbert Walker Bush's "1,000 POINTS OF LIGHT" in 1996.

    Toys for Tots. Need I say more?

    These are just a handful. Let's please share and support each others favorites.

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    Nice idea and thank you for it, LWW!

    Don't have time for the links but I'll get them in a bit, and mention for starters:

    Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

    American Friends Service Committee (AFSC)

    Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Association (I think it is-- IAVA)

    Center for the Victims of Torture
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    Me myself i never giv one cent to thems sorts of charitys.
    I do giv a few dollars in some years to greenpeace etc, ie for mother nature, to offset the krapp dunn by so-called human charitys.

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