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Thread: Before Connecticut tragedy: Administration Eliminated Emergency Preparedness Program

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    You know I am laughing. Right?

    There isn't anything wrong with America that liberal ideology, properly applied by government experts, can't make worse.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hondo View Post
    It doesn't have to be. Show a little class.
    Your the wrong person to talk about class.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnnyD View Post
    Your the wrong person to talk about class.
    Hate the sin but love the sinner JohnnyD.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LWW View Post
    So you agree with the OP.
    As read correctly in context, yes.

    The correct context is that the GOP took over the House of Representatives majority in the fall 2010 elections, and forced retrenchment in many budgets as they concentrated on cutting or better, eliminating, programs created by or liked by Democrats, and especially opposed anything bearing the name of the president as a supporter. Among their targets to attack were the earmarks and earmarking process altogether, where and how these particular funds had been procured in the past.
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