Miracle in Croatia: Immobile girls got out of the wheelchairs
by Darko Pavicic posted on December 20, 2012 03:18PM GMT
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Today Vecernji list, one of Croatian's three daily newspapers, published an article about miraculous healing of two girls during spiritual renewal for healing ran by friar Zvjezdan Linic. Here is the translation in English.
In Tabor of fra Zvjezdan Linic there are many examples of healing

At the House of meeting Tabor of fra Zvjezdan Linic in Samobor during spiritual renewal for healing happened real Christmas miracle past weekend - two imobile girls rose from their wheelchairs. It was during the anointing of the sick. One is from the Croatian mainland and the other from the south, said fra Zvjezdan Linic, not hiding his excitement about what happened and exactly during Christmas season.

Both girls, as we have learned, felt strong energy in their bodies during prayer for healing.

- One of them told me that she felt a strong "push" in the back and legs and an urge to stand up so she rose up from her wheelchair and walked around. I think that before that she could not get up, and the other one is occasionally known to rise from her wheelchair, but this rarely happened - said fra Zvjezdan.

The identity of the girls is kept at the request of their families because they do not want to make the sensation out of the event though they are determined to testify when the time comes.

- It is a serious illness and should be very cautious. Although one girl stood up from her wheelchair this weekend, we heard she is stuck to them again. It was a moment of confirmation that she is on the path of God, and that will continue on it, that they would return to Tabor and pray for their health - they told us from Tabor, from the people close to the girl and her family, for whom this was one of a number of arrivals in Tabor in recent years.

In Tabor of fra Zvjezdan Linic there are many examples of healing, but especially those of addiction, such as smoking, alcoholism and even drug addiction. Such cases are rare indeed and in Tabor they do not hide their enthusiasm and excitement that something like this happened just before the Christmas holidays. Also, the people who go there for spiritual renewal were shocked and delighted with what they saw so many, as we learned, cried with happiness and did not hide their joy over this unusual event.
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