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You are a lying sack of sh*t and you know it, I know it and everybody here knows it. What does your God say about bearing false witness?

Yeah you're real Christian and religious ain't you? Hypocrite, you are against everything the Nazarene taught, and if he came back you'd crucify him again for being liberal scum. Here it is, Christmas day, and instead of offering something good, or positive, you spew your lies, ignorance, and hatred...way to go man, you're a real Christian alright.

Solomon, I have to admit that most of what you say here is accurate.
Sometimes i wonder if larry/johnny isn't an agent of Satan trying to draw us into his evil web.
larry has searched through years of posts to attack me. He has taken so many things I've said and twisted them to appear to say something quite different.
He has taken my confessions of past transgressions and used them over and over against me.
I've made him swear to God when I know he has lied and he went ahead and swore.
He and his alter ego johnny have mocked the Lord over and over again while posing as Christians and accusing me of terrible things including questioning my faith.
He has yanked my chain and drawn me into saying very un-Christian things in the past which I deeply regret.
johnny/larry may actually believe he is a Christian but he is certainly doing Satan's work on here.

Don't let him bait you into getting the boot on here, Solomon. You are a valued member.