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Thread: Is there a God?

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    It cannot be separate from a God's existence if you believe you have free will.

    Let's look at our options:

    - A determinist universe with a god. Although I disagree with it, the hypothesis makes some sense. A creator could mke a universe, wind it up like watch, and let it wind down. In this scenario no free will exists, nor does morality, nor does the universe have any purpose.

    The problem is that free will is so blindingly apparent, moreso even than "I think, therefore I am!"

    - A determinist universe without a god. Essentially the same problem, except worse, for free will. In such an existence free will could not be granted even on a temporary basis.

    - A universe with a god. The only hypothesis which allows for libertarin free will. Quantum mechanics, as well as theology and philosophy, point to this being the case.

    QM demonstrates that "REALITY" exists only once the probability wave has been observed by a conscious obserserver, causing the wave to collapse. With this being the case, a Creator becomes a neccessity as the big bang probability wave could not have collapsed without an outside agent making an observation.
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