I know this because I go through all my father's mail as his guardian.

The NRA has recently put on a scam.

It sent an unsolicited DVD, and now demands that the member 'pay for what they ordered,' or 'send it back, as they'd agreed.'

Problem: it was never ordered, nor was any agreement to return it if uninterested made.

Second problem: if one gives in and simply pays for it, they disclose you then are in a kind of book (dvd) of the month program, where they will send you another one and another one each month, causing you to have to either pay for those, or take the time and expense to send them back.

I ignored the first demand letter, and just got another one. In this one, in fine print, at the bottom of page 4 iirc, the NRA 'discloses' (in as undiscoverable a fashion as possible) that 'since you did not order this, you are under no obligation to either pay for it or send it back.'

Finally something true from the NRA! Except that this same second dunning letter is all about two pages of assertions to the contrary of this disclaimer, and the disclaimer is essentially hidden. That is, it still says their member needs to pay for this, or send it back, as they'd agreed when they asked for a free trial send on the first DVD.

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