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Thread: Newtown, Firefighter, Aurora Shooters Used Same Model Gun

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    The question isn't whether some other round is more deadly. The question is whether the 5.56 is deadly.

    You say it isn't, that it's a "feeble" round when it comes to killing something as large as a person. Apparently, and contrary to much rumor, it is quite deadly.

    Further comment from the same source:

    Food for thought: The DC Sniper used a 5.56. All but one victim died from one shot. range was usually @50 meters – always torso shot.
    Reading more between the lines of the commentary, the round loses effectiveness at a certain range (but is good to 300 m or more), doesn't PENETRATE armor or body armor so well as heavier rounds do, and doesn't go through brush and foilage in the field as well as a heavier round. It may also not be as lethal as quickly-- but it's not that people won't bleed out from massive cavitation exit wounds, they will.

    There is some consensus that most issues with that round come from using a too short barrel, and that having a longer barrel is what is needed:

    Comment #75 and comment #113 nailed the hammer to the head . Barrel length plays a massive and I mean MASSIVE role in the effectiveness of the 5.56 NATO .M4 carbines are not adequate for engagements beyond a stone throw . Yes an m4 will kill you at mid to long range ” IF ” your shot placement is perfect … Good luck on that in combat . When the army chopped 5.5 inches off the barrel of the AR platform they also chopped the effectiveness of the 5.56 NATO in half . If you want to put an attacker on its back with one shot , the m16 is your ticket … Not the m4 . I do think that the fs2k is a step in the right direction , it is a good compromise , it maintains barrel length so that the 5.56 NATO retains its potential and it still allows the rifle itself to remain compact enough for entering and exiting vehicles … Just my two cents . Adequate barrel length ( 18+ inches ) + compact ( fs2k for example ) + adequate velocity ( keeping a 5.56 NATO round above 2700 fts for as long as possible to permit long range reliable bullet fragmentaion ) + 55gr 5.56 NATO = Super deadly within 150 yards … Blows holes in a person the size of basket balls deadly … Or just stay with the m4 carbines and keep having to put 5+ rounds to a attacker before they go down … Your choice … Chose wisely .

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    Saw pics brought back from nam by cuzz the tissue damage by the m16 was unbelievable 1 round takes a leg off 2 or 3 cut the body into halves made a 44 mag look like a bbgun.

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