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Thread: Newtown, Firefighter, Aurora Shooters Used Same Model Gun

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    Then tell us why, if tht wasn't your implication ... even though we both knw it was.

    BTW ... here is your OP:

    "There's something about this Bushmaster AR-15: Both Adam Lanza and William Spangler, the two gunmen in the Newtown and firefighter shootings, respectively, got their hands on the same make of semi-automatic, the .223 caliber rifle, pictured right. This popular sporting gun seems to be the weapon of choice for many a mass murderer. It's also the same gun used by James Holmes, of the Aurora theater shootings last summer, as well as Jacob Tyler Roberts, the mall shooter from a few weeks back. What is it about this Bushmaster that makes it so available and desirable for these gunmen?"

    Run snoopy run!
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