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Thread: If only someone had guns there! NJ police station shooting...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soflasnapper View Post
    No, deflect some more. Even the Cheneys, father and daughter, agree with restricting the sale of higher capacity magazines.
    So you don't know what the difference is.

    I din't think so.

    Please, allow we to assist you.

    Remove the feed spring ... 3 seconds ... turn the mag upside down and let the mag block fall to the top ... 2 seconds ... grab it with pliers and yank it out ... 5 seconds ... replace the feed spring.

    On some weapons the block is metal and required opening and resealing the mag.

    Worst case for someone who can install a car air filter ... under three minutes.

    Now what did that "SOLVE" by lowering the limit if one is intent on mass homicide?

    Here's a novel approach ... why don't we go after people who try to buy guns illegally and after those who sell guns illegally and after those who make straw purchases for criminals?

    What is it about leftists that will make them try to criminalize the citizens most likely to save them if they ever were caught in a mass shooting ... and then hold candlelight vigils for the likes of Tookie Williams, Mumia Abu Jamal and Leonard Peltier?

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    Quote Originally Posted by cushioncrawler View Post
    Didnt Dick accidentally shoot a fellow GOP shooting friend in the butt, years ago!!!!!!
    Wonder what size bullet. And what size magazine.

    But u will find all of that information if u look up the details of Dick's trial.
    He should ave been prosecuted, I agree.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soflasnapper View Post
    Perhaps that is also true, but the event that was notorious was his shooting a member of his party in the face, not the butt.

    It was a shotgun, using small shot suitable for quayle or other small birds, or else his shooting buddy would probably have been killed.
    Yes, and then "Dick" had to hide until he sobered up.

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    Now what did that "SOLVE" by lowering the limit if one is intent on mass homicide?

    If the prospective shooter is an expert at such things, or willing to venture into transactions in the illegal underground gun market, I agree little would be accomplished.

    However, if the prospective shooter is mentally ill, acting on what perhaps 'the voices tell him,' or a dog tells him perhaps, then he/she will neither know or learn of such techniques, nor figure out how to buy what might be illegal at that time from underground gun traffickers.

    That would also likely be true if the original purchase was made when the eventual shooter was sane (or at least not homicidal), and the decision to mass murder was a snap decision on a psychotic break from some cause. He or she would have bought only what was legally allowable, wouldn't have gotten immersed in gun fetishism and trick techniques, and then would use whatever was at hand, unmodified.

    Example: there isn't any example of a back-engineered higher-than-legally-allowed magazine being used during the so-called assault weapons ban (that also outlawed larger capacity mags), although there were such mass shootings during that time. The VaTech shooter used standard mag weapons, for instance. Those are plenty capable of wreaking mass murder, especially when used with multiple weapons (although the extra weapons cost more money than a single weapon, naturally).
    A medium sized fish [...]

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    Quote Originally Posted by LWW View Post
    He should ave been prosecuted, I agree.
    Aktually, it woz mac's number one first time posting on this forum. It woz in answer to Gayle's statement that dick shood hav been prosecuted for shooting him.
    I sayd no, but that Dick shood hav been prosecuted had he missed.

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