The LA area gun buy back program has recently returned to the news. Ralph's Supermarket donates gift certificates in this program, and anyone turning in a firearm receives a Ralph's gift certificate in varying amounts. I think it's $50, $100 and $200.

This does not intrude on gun owners' 2nd amendment rights, as it is a voluntary sale on their part. Not a seizure or ban, in any respect.

So, what do you think of such programs?

1. A false sense of doing something but which is wholly inadequate, when what we need is a complete ban on handguns and 'assault weapons.' (strongly oppose, from the anti-2nd amendment left, er, sensible moderate gun regulation side, I mean of course. Reagan, did I mention Reagan?)

2. A dangerous precedent, that will wrongly teach the public that firearms are the problem when they are the solution. (strongly oppose, from the pro-2nd amendment right)

3. Not much value either way, but not dangerous in either way, so meh. (no strong opinion either way, whatever)

4. A great idea that is totally worth it, with significant results, that ought to be modeled and it's only downside, not enough of it going on. (strongly support from the anti-2nd amendment left).

5. Neither a great idea nor worth it, particularly, but since the public sheeple want some symbolic actions, and this isn't terrible at all, it's very much worth doing it for political cover reasons (strong support from the pro-2nd amendment right)

6. Since all of the above are idiotic cartoon responses that totally miss the point, I'll tell you what REAL Americans think, to wit: (please explain another reaction)

(Note: this particular program involves no public expenditure of money beyond perhaps some dedicated personnel already on salary being tasked to man the turn in stations. Some programs might involve public monies for the by-back. My questions apply to both.)