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Thread: The Surge FAILED. No Political Reconciliation Was Ever Accomplished

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    The Surge FAILED. No Political Reconciliation Was Ever Accomplished

    We never won anything during the surge. The Surge was framed as a quest for political reconciliation. No Political nor sectarian reconciliation was ever forged.

    We destroyed the Iraqi Government, which was totally secular, and the radical religious Sunnies and Shiites have been fighting against one another ever since. That very secular Government was determined to fight al Qaeda, and while it was an obnoxious dictatorship, under Saddam, Republicans propped up Saddam in the first place, Republican Presidents, not Democratic Presidents, but Republicans, totally.

    We created a vacuum which is being filled, and has been throughout, both before, and after "The Surge" filled by religious fanaticism.

    This was the only possible result of Bush's FAILED policy to invade and occupy Iraq.

    John McCain backed the policy to invade and occupy Iraq. Now he is re-writing history on everything he said and did, and particularly, everything that Bush, Cheney, Wolfowitz, Bremmar, and the Republican Party, predicted, all of it totally wrong. All of it failed. All of their policies made everything worse, from our relationships with Foreign Allies, to our Economy, to our Deficits, to our current quagmire in the Middle East, and elsewhere, because BUSH FRANCHISED AL QAEDA.

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    Inside the heads of Hondo and Diablo Viejo ... RENT FREE NO LESS!
    The US Stalinists finally have their wish. Iraq will end like Viet Nam. The reason other countries distrust the USA is that every democratic administration since JOHNSON has betrayed its friends and commitments made by the prior USA president.

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