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Notice, no mention of the fact that none other than Scalia has stated that the second amendment has legal limits, and does not include all weapons, which can be regulated by law. But the corrupt gun industry want nothing more than to increase gun sales through fear mongering, exploiting the stupid, after each one of these mass murders, when reasonable Americans begin to demand the obvious changes we need to make, in order to end this carnage.

Meanwhile, the corrupt, without conscience NRA, (along with all of the other gun worshipper's organizations) which is nothing but a tool for more profits for the corrupt gun manufacturing industry, continue to spread lies and gin up fear among their ignorant, radical, gun toting bubba conspiracy theorists, who are stupid enough to buy this absurd propaganda and believe that our Government is coming to take away all guns, and worse, some of these RW idiots are ignorant enough to think that because we have an African American in the White House, he's going to lock them up in concentration camps, as well!

Of course, the Fux Noise organization and idiots like Limpballs, also promote this irrational propaganda.