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Democrats have a well known and well deserved reputation for being 'soft on crime' and it is precisely because violence is a basic tactic of the Left and they are not anxious to imprison their fellow travelers. They are equally anxious to give felons the vote because they know in advance what party they will uniformly support. It is only an appeal to humanity that permits any discussion with Leftists at all because they work in an alternative reality where there are no rules that can't be twisted to their perverted ends. Peace in our time without submission to the state seems beyond any hope but still the effort must be made.
That reputation was in the past, and for any knowledgeable observer paying attention, laid to rest in the Clinton years.

He called for and got about a dozen more federal death penalty offenses to be placed into law, supported the death penalty in general, beefed up local LE with the 100,000 cops program, and violated the 4th amendment like gangbusters, literally, with a phenomenal ramp-up of wiretapping across the board. After both the '93 WTC bombing and the OKC Murraugh Building bombing, he urged what amounted to the Patriot Act (beta release) increasing of police state tactics, so overly aggressive that the **GOP** stopped it as dictatorial and unwarranted and unwise. Democrats also unwisely acceded to 3 strikes and you're out (potentially eligible for a life sentence), and the disparity of sentencing for crack cocaine (mandatory lengthy minimum sentences).