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    Elite Light Break Pool Cue

    There are two schools of thought on break cues. One school says that heavier is better, which has led to cues all the way up to 27 oz, and the other says that a lighter cue is better because you can accelerate quicker and get more power. I have a Predator BK (original BK), a Predator BK2, and a McDermott Break Jump, but none of those gave me the real "shock and awe" break that I was so desperately seeking. I recently purchased an Elite Light Break cue (15 oz) from Seybert's for a mere $76 dollars. Holy Sh*t! This thing breaks better than any other dedicated break cue I have ever tried before! I have not come up dry on a break since I've been using it. I make anywhere from two to four balls on the break in eight ball, and around two to three in nine ball. This inexpensive Elite cue stomps my Predator and McDermott cues at about 1/4th the price! If you are in the market for an excellent, hard hitting break cue, this cue could be just what the doctor ordered.
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