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Sev -- Austerity iz hurting theusofa -- but i am surprized at how well theusofa iz going, especially with gridlock etc.
There iz of course no debt problem, koz there iz no such thing az a debt problem -- so kids are ok here.
But kids shood fear krappynomix, eg austerity -- austerity today will affekt kids in lots of ways tomorrow.

Rome iz similar. Rome died koz of taxes -- taxes and tax minimization and tax avoidance dominated commerce. Slaves didnt havta pay tax -- so rich people converted to slavery. So, Rome iz sort of similar to the usofa, but opposit.

Burning. I dont think that burning or fire get a mention in the COTUS. But it might be in the same section az cars and planes.
The people do better when the government is paralyzed.