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Thread: Help with buying a used table

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    Help with buying a used table

    For a few weeks I have been looking for a used table for my family room. I am not looking for a showpiece, just a quality table for my family and friends to play on. I found a Brunswick Geneva table that was in great shape, hardly used. It was so well taken care of that the owner had all the accessories in the original packaging, right down to the cues in the plastic! My only reservation is that I have read a lot of people saying that these low end Brunswick tables are not good tables. The rails are bad, and they are made with brackets that may loosen over time etc. I'm just not sure what to think. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Re: Help with buying a used table

    I'm not familiar with the Geneva model but I have a middle of the road Brunswick table and it plays fine. It is well over 20 years old and the rubber on the rails is still in good shape. A number of years ago I had it recovered with Simonis cloth and had the pockets shimmed a little bit and it is a great table both for family and friends and for me to practice.

    I would recommend you look at the structure of the table and determine if it is made sturdy or not. If it looks flimsy to you, it probably is. The rubber, cloth and a lot of other parts of the table can be replaced. Chances are, if the guy has original accessories in their original packaging, the table didn't get much use. It may be a good buy but you have to be the judge. Just check it out the best you can. You could always pay a table mechanic to look at it and inspect it for you.

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