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Hey hondu why not provide links to your new friend of you saying you pick up boys hitchhiking!
Also he would be interested that you claim to have been a school teacher and now you are a sunday school teacher.Of course your stories of you and drugs and having affairs with your house keeper are still there.
My local VFW Commander awaits your answer from two tears ago.
The truth you don't believe in.You hide from the truth.The truth will set you free.
I have all the links in case you care to review them.
Comprehension is something you were never good at.
Our daily prayers continue for you to calm down and tell the truth.The Lord loves you.
Your friend,
Hey 'JohnnyD' why do you refuse to meet me at the church of your choice? Since you're such a sincere and devoutly religious person, why do you shy away from a chance at saving my heathen soul? You are just a bus and subway ride away from me, so why not take me up on the offer? Or could it be that the truth is that you are just another of LWW's fictitious identities? If you are not, then why not prove it?