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For the umpteenth time ... I am not Larry. I did just join AZ, as this forum really doesn't have much pool related dialogue, so I'll see you over there Slide Rule. I am as I am here Nine ... corner with the same avatar. I'm done here as even being "half civil and attempting to discuss the issues" is fruitless. If they tire of bashing you with names about your political leanings then they criticize your typos ... lol. I do find it funny that somebody in a post recently was lamenting the dwindling number of regular posters and the forum's decline. Gosh, just maybe it has something to do with chasing off new comers who don't tow the Obama line. Adios.
Now you know why everybody left here.
He is not Slide Rule that is another of his lies in assuming others names.Just like he took the name of Hondo from one of Hollywood's greatest actors.When you read Slide Rules posts you will read intelligent posts.Hondu has no intelligent posts.He has been trying to convince people that he is a retired school teacher and now a sunday school teacher.LOL.
Hondu has a well tracked history on here and the other forum of lying.It's been two years now that the local VFW Commander has been waiting on an answer from the fraud.Also he propositioned a person here in a pm for sex.He even posted here about picking up boys hitch hiking.All the posts and threads are there to read.
A drama queen for sure.
This is why everyday in prayer hour we pray for his demented soul.