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Do you or do you not agree that larry wilson went off the deep end and did everything in his power to destroy this forum? His cronies came over in full force and did nothing but flame the regulars. He dug into Gayle's private life and threatened to extort her if she didn't" behave". You and he terrorized a man in his mid 70s with remarks insinuating that you guys would shoot him.
He created this character johnny to barrage me with personal attacks. terrible things he said about me, not one of which is true.
You see this as great fun but when the tables were turned on you , you responded with the vulgarest post I have ever read.
You really don't seem as bad as the others but they are scum. I have little doubt that most are possibly involved in neo-nazi sites, but I can't prove it.
I was told this by a prominent very conservative poster on AZ.
It is ironic that you being Jewish have aligned yourself with this crew.
As I said before, the mod chose to toss Gayle and Wolfie rather than you and larry/johnny.
i have johny on ignore but I 'm sure he has posted his usual personal attacks in this thread.
Why is he allowed on here?
They have attacked my Christianity, my service, my sexual preference, my state, my family, my profession, my integrity.

Funny stuff, indeed, Sev.
As far as LWW's mission on this site. I never discussed it with him. You were the one who goaded him into joining the forum so that he could have his ass handed to him as I recall.
So I'd have to conclude he rose to your challenge and the root of the problem that arose resides with you and your expectation that Larry would get trounced and scurry off with his tail between his legs.
Unfortunately for you. Classifying that as a miscalculation on your is an understatement.

I am going to tell you again. That JohnnyD is not Larry. It is however somebody you really pissed off. I dont know what you did. But it must have been good.

Your actually going to accuse me of terrorizing wolfdancer??? Seriously??? We both know that entire escapade was staged in an attempt to get Larry or I. As I recall the only person sad anything about shooting any was Jack.

As far as Gayles private life goes. Lets just say it was not so much Larry actually having to do any digging but rather the information being laid at his fee. Gayle has tendency top piss people off.

The tables were never turned on my sausage like little friend. I dont know where you get that idea. Indeed it was vulgar but you have to admit it was quite creative. I did make amends afterwards.

I know nothing of Neo-Nazi's. Nor has anybody that your talking about insinuated anything that would make me suspect that they are. Of course over time there have been a few squeaks from the left.
I assume your talking about your conversation with Bishop? I wouldnt consider him ultra conservative. A very nice guy though.

As far as the attacks that you have listed there is ball busting and then there is over the top. I believe there is guilt on both sides. I dont where the truth and lies begin in the history of it. Nor do I really care. However it would be nice to see an end to it on both sides.

However I must say as an observer there were some pretty funny lines in the back and forth along the way.