Fox Lies Again! References Bogus Obama ‘Royal Food-Taster’ Story Ad Nauseam (Video)

March 19, 2013

Fox “News” reached a new low this week, repeatedly running a story about President Obamarefusing to eat lobster salad at a lunch with Republican lawmakers this week due to the absence of his food-taster. The spin was that President Obama is a smug elitist who must have someone taste every morsel of food before he will consider consuming it.

Of course, they were way off the mark. The fact (something Fox is allergic to, apparently) is that every POTUS since Ronald Reagan has had a food-taster. It’s part of the job, like riding in ultra-secure Air Force One or having body guards accompany you everywhere you go. It has nothing to do with President Obama being some entitled snob. Fox is so desperate to make President Obama look bad we’re surprised Ailes hasn’t ordered a week-long exposé on the man’s condiment choices, accusing him of demanding only Grey Poupon.

Watch Fox make royal asses out of themselves while reporting that the president thinks he is a King and must have royal food-tasters in this video, courtesy of Mediaite: