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Thread: What kinda cue do you play with?

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    I have a lot of cues. Currently playing with a Ray Schuler.
    May God bless all of you.

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    Im thinking of gettin a cue just for looks.

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    I've got a Viking "tall" butt (33") and a shaft cut from an ancient house stick at the points (36"). What's nice is that the total weight is 20.5 ounces.
    This is necessary, since I'm 6' 5" tall.

    For cue length, my personal opinion is that the tip should come up to your chin. Short guys can keep the 57-58" sticks, but tall guys/gals need something that provides a similar balance between hands that shorter players get.

    I'm having a 3 piece cue made with a standard 30" butt, 12" middle piece, and a 24" shaft. I may also experiment with a few smaller middle piece inserts, i.e., 8", 6", 4".

    Of course, all of these eliminate the use of standard cue cases. I use a hard shell gun case instead.
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