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20+ MORE Large Limbaugh Sponsors Stop Airing Ads. New Total: 2,667! StopRush Continues To Kick A$$

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(Updated) After a year, consumers are not letting up on Limbaugh --and they are growing in numbers. Facebook groups like, Boycott Rush Limbaugh To Shut Him Down, with a following of over 50,000, have been contacting his sponsors in masses. Much of the public continue to protest and petition sponsors, asking them not to advertise on, or support, Limbaugh's hateful commentary. Sponsors are still listening. According to the StopRush Database,http://stoprush/ the new count for sponsors who have pulled their ads from Limbaugh's show is 2,667. Even better news is that many of the much larger Limbaugh sponsors, like Bp, UPS Store, Exxon, Old Navy, AAMCO, 800Flowers, Hardee's, and those listed below... are no longer being heard on his show.The StopRush Project, which combines the efforts of several activist groups like FlushRush, is stronger than ever.

Limbaugh's parent company, Clear Channel has reported massive losses in the hundreds of millions, though it's doubtful they will ever attribute their losses to the the sponsor boycott. However, Media Matters reported this week, that Cumulus CEO, Lew Dickey, admits to feeling the pain. This is due to the thousands of consumers who are monitoring radio stations nationwide, reporting sponsors heard, and contacting sponsors.

Most of the exiting sponsors, (in the thousands) have communicated to StopRush members, they were pulling ads. Others like the larger companies below, 'slip out silently' so they don't bring on the wrath of the Limbaugh Dittoheads (a self-proclaimed name).

Most don't care how Limbaugh sponsors leave; They're just happy to see more companies denouncing the hate, racism, sexism and gay-bashing bigotry that spews out of Limbaugh's mouth daily. Thus, the companies below are victories for the boycott movement and the thousands of consumers who continue to prevail and prove their buying power rules, because:

It's not about the money. It's about the MONEY.

Cheers to all who continue to fight hate speech and hate radio. And many thanks to the larger organizations like,, Being Liberal and Media Matters... who have greatly supported this movement.

National Limbaugh Sponsors Not Reported In Over A Month Include:

(Courtesy of http://stoprush/ and subject to daily change)


1-800-stockloss AAMCO
UPS Store
Bayer Crop Science
National Guard
Ace Hardware
5 Hour Energy
US Bank
Old Navy
Hyundai USA
Paul Shanklin
Credit Pros
National Education Online
Exxon/Exxon Mobil

You can help make a difference:Sign: Limbaugh Sponsor Petition:

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