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Slim, I'm starting to wonder if you're the real Slim Shady. Starting to sound more like a few others I know.- .
Most West Virginians are proud of our state and defend it. You sound more like you're from Ohio.
Reveling in your illiteracy.- Most of us are literate.
Insisting that we can get by with voting twice. - Pure bullsh*t!
Claiming the Klan are prominent in this area.- Certainly not in North Central West Virginia. We've run them out of Harrison County every time they've reared their ugly head.
I suspect this is really larry wilson or one of his cronies from AZBillards.
You don't sound like any West Virginian I know. We are a proud people.
Proud and good people speak the truth.
The truth will set you free.
Hondu the local VFW Commander awaits your answer.It has been over two years he has been waiting.
Why do you talk so perverted?You supposedly were a school teacher!Why?Why?Why?
Why did you write about an affair with your baby sitter?
It is illegal to vote twice.
During prayer hour you are mentioned several times by members.We all pray for your healing.
Jesus loves you.
Speak the truth.The truth will set you free.