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Thread: Tea Party ‘Reporter’ Explains WHY She Thinks Fox News Is ‘Too Liberal’ (VIDEO)

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    Wink Tea Party ‘Reporter’ Explains WHY She Thinks Fox News Is ‘Too Liberal’ (VIDEO)

    Batsh*t crazy Tea Party "Reporter" demonstrates just how stupid and ignorant the so called Tea Party "patriots" really are! Facts? Facts? We don't need no steenking facts!

    Tea Party ‘Reporter’ Explains WHY She Thinks Fox News Is ‘Too Liberal’ (VIDEO)

    By David Pakman

    Screen capture of Tea Party ‘News Reporter” Susie Sampson from her appearance on The David Pakman Show.

    “Tea Party Report” Anchor, Susie Sampson, joins David Pakman on his show to discuss the Tea Party’s boycott of Fox News for being “too liberal.” Does losing 20% of the main GOP news outlet’s audience mean trouble’s brewing in the Republican party? Sampson thinks it’s time for conservatives to “occupy Fox News” and kick out “all those Liberals” sitting outside.

    Here’s the video:

    “Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

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    When a political decision is made to stir up the crazies, there's always the problem of controlling them when they turn on you.

    Gingrich had his own troubles with a far milder brand of crazy in the middle to late Clinton years, and he ended up out, of course, and condemning the 'mindless cannibalism' of those he'd brought up, once they turned on him.

    A similar but differing take I've heard from some on the right and in the TP movement being disgusted with Fox News is that their (Fox's) arguments are tired and repetitive. That is wholly accurate, and when you're immersed in that channel day after day, you really get overloaded on such repetition and stale old talking points repeated endlessly. Some of them have rightly turned away from that aspect.

    What the TPrs object to is that Fox hews to a REPUBLICAN line, not a conservative line, so that when the party says it wants to be more electable (become less extreme), that really bothers them. They'd prefer to go down guns blazing in ideological purity, and oddly, still think that if they were only that more conservative and faithful to their crazy ideas, the people would support them at majority levels.

    We should support that kind of thinking, putting those bad ideas out without rhetorical softening, so that the people can really see what they're all about. As in Aiken's 'legitimate rape' remarks.

    UPDATE: This woman is a Steven Colbert-wannabe, who does satire, and is not to be taken at face value. She does 'man on the street' interviews at Tea Party events to ridicule Tea Party members, hence the Tea Party Report tie in. Whether this interviewer is in on this joke or not I'm not sure. If he's capable, he is.

    It is a real news item, however, that some of the TP is discarding Fox as too establishment or liberal.

    Here's a DailyBeast link to real TPrs actually expressing these sentiments not as satire:
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