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Thread: There are no magic bullets.

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    There are no magic bullets.

    There are so many beginner to intermediate pool players constantly looking for that next big thing that will improve their game. They constantly try the newest tip, ld shaft, taper, etc, etc. They are always looking for the magic bullet that will make them play like a pro.

    I hate to break it to you..but no new tip is going to give you a reliable stroke, no new shaft is going to make you play like a god, no new cue is going to give you what you don't already have in terms of skills and ability.

    In my opinion, there are no magic bullets. Constantly changing from one thing to another, hinders the development of consistent results.

    I think it's better to stick to one cue, one tip, and go from there to develop consistency. You can't develop consistent results if you are constantly switching tips, shafts, and / or cues because each change introduces new variables.

    The best thing you can do for your game is to seek out a good qualified instructor who will analyze your mechanics and help you to develop a consistent, reliable stroke. Scott Lee, Randy G, or one of the other SPF (Set, Pause, Finish) instructors would be a good choice. I learned more, and improved more, from a short time spent with Mr. Lee than from anything else I had ever tried before (thank you Scott).

    So my advice is..first develop your game, spend some time with a really good instructor, and don't worry about not having the latest "hot" tip, shaft, or cue. Now, once you have done that-- then feel free to try some new gear. When you find something you really like, stick to it!

    FWIW, I prefer a solid hard rock maple shaft with a plain old inexpensive LePro or Triangle tip. I have a Cue Companion repair lathe and I have a stock of all kinds of laminated tips, but for me, nothing beats a good non-laminated tip. YMMV
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