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Buddy you are as crazy as an outhouse mouse. I lve west virginia but i aint about to lie for nobody. Lets be serious because anyone who as ever been here cant honestly say that they aint klan and rednecked hillbillys here. The record speaks for itself. This is a demcrat state and as been for my whole life but Obama didnt win a single county. Not one even though we have demicrats for govrnor and both senators are demcrats but Obama cant win one single county. If it aint because of racists hillbillys then what is it. Even lots of klan support Obama. Hw do you explain this.
Fear about losing theuir guns and not understanding Obamacare.

Listen. "fellow West Virginian", if you want to brag about how illiterate you are because you're a typical West Virginian, if you want to call West Virginians " Racist hillbillies", if you want to claim that we vote more than once, if you want to claim that the state is controlled by the klan, THAT'S YOUR PEROGATIVE.Doesn't mean I have to read your crap.

Sounds very similar to lww claiming to be black, while trashing blacks non-stop or johnny d. professing to be a Christian while spewing non-stop hate on here.

You guys are 3 peas in a pod as far as I'm concerned and most likely one person.
I'm done with you.