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Thread: Top 10 Worst Things about the Republicans' Immoral Budget

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    Top 10 Worst Things about the Republicans' Immoral Budget

    Top 10 Worst Things about the Republicans' Immoral Budget

    The Republican budget would:

    1. Destroy 700,000 jobs, according to an independent economic analysis.

    2. Zero out federal funding for National Public Radio and public television.

    3. Cut $1.3 billion from community health centers--which will deprive more than three million low-income people of health care over the next few months.

    4. Cut nearly a billion dollars in food and health care assistance to pregnant women, new moms, and children.

    5. Kick more than 200,000 children out of pre-school by cutting funds for Head Start.

    6. Force states to fire 65,000 teachers and aides, dramatically increasing class sizes, thanks to education cuts.

    7. Cut some or all financial aid for 9.4 million low- and middle-income college students.

    8. Slash $1.6 billion from the National Institutes of Health, a cut that experts say would "send shockwaves" through cancer research, likely result in cuts to Alzheimer's and Parkinson's research, and cause job losses.

    9. End the only federal family planning program, including cutting all federal funding that goes to Planned Parenthood to support cancer screenings and other women's health care.

    10. Send 10,000 low-income veterans into homelessness by cutting in half the number of veterans who get housing vouchers this year.


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