Is this what being "pro life" means?

‘Pro-Lifers’ Want To Kill NV Assemblywoman For Supporting Sex Ed (Video) Part I

When your state has the fourth highest teen pregnancy rate in the nation, and among the eight highest rates for repeat teen pregnancies, you’d think legislators might reconsider their abstinence-only sexual education programs. And, in the case of Nevada, you’d be right. Unfortunately, supporting sexual education and teen pregnancy prevention may prove deadly … as Democratic Nevada State Assembly Woman Lucy Flores has discovered.

Ray Hagar from the Reno Gazette Journal reported that on April 1st, Flores spoke in favor ofAssembly Bill 230, which “revises provisions governing courses of instruction in sex education … to establish a comprehensive, age-appropriate and medically accurate course of instruction in sex education,” according to the language in the bill.

According to Hagar, Flores described a hardscrabble childhood with six sisters and a single father working two jobs to make ends meet, then tearfully confessed to having an abortion at age 16.

There wasn’t a lot of supervision or sex education going on in this family, and Flores saw all six of her sisters become mothers in their teens:
“I learned from the very little education that I received in school and again, through relationships that I had growing up. I had six other sisters, all of them became pregnant in their teens – all of them. One was 14 years old when she got pregnant with twins. That is what I had to learn from.” [Source]

But Flores didn’t want early motherhood; she wanted a career and a chance to make a difference:

“I always said that I was the only one who didn’t have kids in their teen-aged years [referring to her family]. That’s because at 16, I got an abortion and it was a very difficult thing for me to do … Now in retrospect, if I could go back and be on birth control – or better yet – learn to fill my life with something else, other than having the attention of a man in the non-healthy relationship, I would have preferred to do that, if someone would have talked to me about it.” [Source]

So she mustered up enough courage to tell her father and ask him for money to terminate her pregnancy:

“I didn’t want to be like that [teen mom]. I wanted to do better and I knew I couldn’t do that if I had a baby, just like everyone else (in my family). My dad gave me the money and I went with a friend of mine [to have the abortion] and I will never forget that, having that done.” [Source]

And guess what? Flores bravely shunned mincing words and firmly said that she has no regrets about her difficult decision:

“I don’t regret it because I am here [at the Legislature], making a difference, at least in my mind, for the young ladies and letting them know their options. They can do things not to be in the situation I was in, to prevent it.

“And so how do we prevent this [teen pregnancy]? We prevent by education. We prevent by giving them the information and the resources that they need, so they don’t have to go to their dad and say, ‘I need $200 for an abortion.’

“So I wholeheartedly support this because this is an epidemic that is affecting so many of our young people. And I am here today because I did not have the burden of raising children (as a teen).” [Source]