Got a notice from one of the PPV pool channels of a match featuring Johnny Archer and... well, someone so great I forgot already, lol! (Maybe Busty.)

Anyways, the promo stated that the match would feature something advocated by Archer, apparently-- a mandatory pushout after every break (?!?!?!).

It's supposed to ensure that both players play in every rack (it won't, at least always, btw, although it may encourage more of it), but outside that goal, I don't get it.

If I understand it correctly, either the breaker or the other guy could be looking at an open runout table with a starter ball, and then be forced to play a pushout. I find that hard to believe, and hard to think a good idea. It certainly takes away running x-packs on people, and MAY be therefore slightly a break to a player who would otherwise be run over by an opponent's stringing racks together.

But I think guys running racks is what I want to see, however unfair it may be to the other player. Creates a lot of tension when the other player may get to the table as well.

I think alternating breaks would do a better job of getting both players to the table, and let them pushout at their discretion, not make it mandatory. I don't really prefer that, either, although in short races it really is necessary.

What do you think about Johnny's pet proposal?