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Why can't you just answer his posts without quoting him? He's an evil little prick who pretends to be a Christian.
He is not. He is on here simply to rag on me.
If you are not him, hopefully you will be smart enough to realize that I have him on ignore for a reason.
If I have him on ignore, the only way I can read his posts is if you quote him.
If you continue to quote him, I'll know that you want me to read his posts and that you have an agenda.
And then i will simply put you on ignore also.
Do you understand what I am saying to you?

Nobody but you and lww, who is actually him, responds to any of his posts. He's just a petty troll on here simply to libel me.
Oh my!
Jesus loves you.
Looks like we nee to up our prayer hour for you.
Mr.Slim do you see this is not sunday school teacher material.