Bill Maher ripped into the Tea Party, gun-nuts, and even the Senate on Real Time last night.

“The Constitution, contrary to the beliefs of so many Teabaggers, was not brought to us directly by Jesus.”

“And actually, the founding fathers understood that we need to amend it. They wanted us to do that. Yes, so much of it does need a page one rewrite, including that B.S. about the Senate and the Second Amendment. Both of them should go. And a lot of other sh*t in there.”

Maher’s beef with the Senate stems from the Republican’s unprecedented use of the filibuster, which along with the tireless work of psychopathic gun-nuts and the cowardice of Harry Reid and the betrayal of 4 Democrats resulted in the voting down of increased background checks for gun sales with 90% of Americans support.Maher said, “The Founding Fathers could not have foreseen AK-47s, they also could not have foreseen Wyoming, and Montana. They could not have foreseen 50 states where we have this horrible situation where there are two senators representing like a 160,000 people — there’s more than that in the mall here in California.”

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