I guess the opinions of all the woman that are pro life does not count in your book.

Trolling? How so? You just cant get beyond the fact that I care not about the action and more about exposing the lie about what the action is.

Obviously you prefer to delude yourself on how the SCOTUS and constitution works. Roe v Wade can be overturned any time if the right case was taken up by the court.
It could also be wiped out by a constitutional amendment if the states came together and desired such. So while its doubtful that RvW will be overturned is it not set in stone.
Besides. Even if it were overturned the decision about abortion would return to a state by state decision. Since you believe the left is so powerful and dominating the right it should not be a problem anyway.

Of course there is a pro death crowd. Your one of them.
You support the choice of death.
You prefer to look at the independent life of a child as a cancer that can be eradicated at will.
People like Doctor Gosnell are hero's in your book.

Yes I did support the Iraq invasion. Destroying Hiltereque regimes is always a good thing in my book. Apparently not in yours. Which is not surprising considering you feel your superior to those around you. You probably would have fit right in Hitlers regime.
I never believed the invasion would change the feelings of those involved in centuries of blood feud. Its as futile as trying to change how radicalized Muslims feel about Jews.
The Iraqi's have been given the opportunity to grow or slaughter themselves. The seeds of freedom have been sown. However they will have to do that on their own timetable. Not ours. Or perhaps never.
Sorry. The surge succeeded. Its the decisions that came afterward that are questionable.

We'll see how you feel about Obama if he actually goes to action on the red lines he has set up with Syria and N Korea. I'm sure you will support his every decision no matter how many American lives might be lost.

Right. Obama has spent less than Bush. His trajectory puts him at adding 10 trillion in US debt at the end of his presidency. Spin the numbers all you want. When he exceeds double the debt that was created on Bushes watch you will have nowhere to hide. You wont even have the Iraq or Afghanistan conflicts to hide behind.
Of course thats more reason to put boots on the ground in Syria and engage N Korea.

Great depression. Right. Carters recession was worse if you go by the numbers.

Its always good to see how clueless and dishonest you are with yourself.

Its quite the little bubble you exist in.