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Feast your eyes on this.

Feast yours on this. and it is not from a RW source or LW source, like yours is.

Backlash against those who voted against the Gun Bill:
Latest from Public Policy Polling, this week polling data:

Since voting against the latest Gun Bill:

Formally the most popullar sitting Congressman, then Senator, Now the least popular sitting Senator, and now, since the vote, slightly eclipsing Mitch McConnell's formally lowest approval rating:

AZ Republican: Jeff Flake - Net Approval - DOWN -19%

AK Republican: Lisa Murkowski - Net Approval - DOWN -16%

AK Democrat: Mark Begich - Net Approval - DOWN -6%

NV Republican: Dean Heller Net Approval - DOWN - 2%

OH Republican: Rob Portman - Net Approval - DOWN -18%

NH Republican: Kelly Ayotte - Net Approval - DOWN -16%

NH 75% support Background checks.
OH 72% support Background checks.
NV 70% support Background checks.
AZ 70% support Background checks.AK 60% support Background checks.

Averages show 80 to 95% of Americans across the country support Universal Background checks.

On the other hand, Pat Toomey, a Republican from Pa., who was in charge of this has registered his highest approvals since being a state Senator ennjoying a plus 7% approval, Qpp.

This will not be the last time this issue is brought up for votes. If Republilcand do no change their votes, AND the three Dems who voted NO< as well, they will lose when next they run. Americans want background checks, an end to gun traficking, a limit to magazine capacity, which DOES save lives, and WOULD have save lives in Arizona, in Arora, in Connecticut, as was proven.
As for women/s rights, women are not going to vote for Republicans who are demonizing them, and the number of women who die in child birth in this country is nearly as high as it is in some third world countries. Republican's efforts to force women to submit to forced invasive ultra sounds, and who are closing down Planned Parenthood Centers, passing unconstitutional legislation to block women from reproductive health care, which BTW, most women who opt for abortion are already mothers, and are mostly poor women of color, which totally destroyes the arguments of the right, are not going to vote for Rrpublicans. Most Younger women by far, are FOR a woman's right to control her body, and access to any form of birth control she chooses. Whenn averaged, statistics prove, that the vast majority of women, do not want Roe V. Wade overturned. Any MA who is stupid enough to believe that R.v. W. will ever be overturned, would have to be a man who also thought that Sara Palin was going to be a genius when she catapulted John McInsane right into the Oval Office, LMAO!!!!

President Obama has no links to terrorists. Never has, never will. That would be The Bush Family, linked to the fifnanciers of al Q. in NY, and the bin Laden Family. Undeniable links, proven and documented, Preston, even worse, linked to HItler. FACTS, not RW BS.