Grand Jury Indicts Newly Elected Ohio Tea Party Representative On Three Felony Counts (VIDEO)

Randa Morris
Addicting Info
Nov 23, 2014

An Ottawa County, Ohio Grand Jury recently indicted newly elected Tea Party state representative, Steven Kraus, on three felony charges. The Grand Jury found that there is probable cause to try Kraus for burglary, theft and breaking and entering.

Kraus, who made his living as a real estate agent and auctioneer prior to being elected as an Ohio state representative on November 4, 2014, was seen leaving a residence with ‘loads of items in boxes.’ According to the police report, Kraus was seen carrying the boxes out the back door of the residence, and loading them into a waiting van. The witness took photos of the incident.

The property owner reported a long list of property missing from the home, including jewelry, antiques, collector’s items, musical instruments and more.

Kraus claims that he was instructed to take the items from the home by the real estate agent who was handling the sale of the home. The real estate agent denies ever giving Kraus permission to enter the home. She testified that she had asked Kraus to take photos of an automobile which the family wanted put up for auction. The car was located in a detached garage, not in the upstairs attic, where Kraus apparently went snooping in the dark, with a flashlight.

Kraus, who must get his lines from the standard republican playbook titled ‘How to Respond When You’re Caught Red-Handed Committing A Crime’ claimed the charges were politically motivated.

The Grand Jury didn’t buy it.

Kraus, who is in his 40’s and lives in his mother’s basement, received a separate visit from the police in October. Kraus, whose divorce was final in February, cashed two checks from the IRS which were to go to his wife. The situation with the checks, which totaled $3,400, is another clear indication that Kraus is a typical lying, thieving right wing con artist.

The fact that voters were aware that Kraus was facing a Grand Jury hearing relating to the theft before the midterm election didn’t stop them from sending another criminal to the statehouse. All we hear from the right wing is that the government is corrupt. Maybe, just maybe, that has something to do with the fact that they keep electing criminals…

The only possible thing positive to say about Kraus is that he prevented Joe the Plumber from being elected.

Besides being another phony right wing Christian who talked about leading ‘praise and worship services’ Kraus is your typical money-worshiping, capitalism-adoring Teapublican. Deregulation, fossil fuel exploitation and weakening government by cutting funding, made up the backbone of his campaign.

Here’s a fun video of Kraus, from WNWO, NBC 24. During this interview he appears to be trying to emulate republican hero George W. Bush, most noticeably when he says that people just want to put ‘food on their family’.

Nice job on electing this guy Ohio.