What Percentage Of Americans Believe The GOP Is Out Of Touch? An Overwhelming 70%

By Stephen D. Foster Jr.

Ever notice that whenever Republicans speak publicly, they confidently claim they’re doing what Americans want and that Americans agree with their agenda? Perhaps the GOP should consider those claims again.

According to a new Washington Post-ABC News Poll, an incredible majority of Americans believe the Republican Party is woefully out of touch with what people want for the country and the concerns they have.

A whopping 70 percent, as a matter of fact. Only 23 percent of Americans actually think the GOP is in touch. That’s less than a quarter of the nation.

The 47 point margin indicates that Republicans are focused on the wrong priorities and are ignoring the wishes of Americans on a vast range of issues.

For instance, despite losing among female voters in 2012, Republicans across the country are continuing the war on women. Republicans have pushed nearly 700 anti-choice bills in only the last three months alone. This effort in opposition to choice goes against a majority of Americans who now support abortion rights in most or all cases, including 70 percent who oppose overturning Roe v. Wade.

Republicans are also out of touch with what Americans want on the issue of gun rights. Strong majorities of Americans support every gun control measure suggested by President Obama in the aftermath of the Sandy Hook mass shooting, including 92 percent in support of universal background checks. Yet the GOP has continually obeyed their NRA masters and remained in opposition to sensible gun laws that will help prevent future tragedies.

The GOP stance on marriage equality is also out of touch with the growing evolution of Americans. While only a couple Senate Republicans have come out in support of marriage equality, 58 percent of Americans now believe same-sex couples should be allowed to get married.

The same goes for Medicare and the budget. Despite Republican insistence that Medicare cuts be part of the solution to lowering the debt, 6 in 10 Americans oppose any cuts to the popular health care program.
Americans also support a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, even though Republicans are largely split on the issue.

On issue after issue, American’s views are the opposite of those held by Republicans, which explains why a February poll found that Republican popularity is at a new low. Only 35 percent of Americanslike the GOP. The Republican-controlled House is 20 points less popular.

Clearly, the Republican Party is a contradiction of what Americans really believe in and want their country to be. In the years ahead, as Republicans continue their war on voting rights, minorities, health care, women, and their war against just about everything else that has made this nation great, I wouldn’t bet on that meager 23 percent thinking that the GOP is in touch for much longer.