Howdy Folks,

Tell us about your experiences with opponents who displayed poor sportsmanship>

Here's one from my history:

I (skill 6 at the time) was playing an APA 9 Ball match against a skill 9 player.

I was applying a newly playing philosophy - calculate three results of the current shot (success, fail to the pocket's left, and fail to the pocket's right). Basically, if I missed on either side of the pocket, the opponent would not have a decent shot. If I made it, I was golden for the next shot (or played safe).

Anyway, during the entire game, this guy never had a decent shot. As with all players who have lost control of the table, he started hitting the balls harder and harder. Eventually, I pulled down the win and he was 30+ points behind his point level.

I returned back to my case and was disassembling the stick when I heard a loud "Damn!". I turned around just in time to watch him fling his stick across three tables and bounce off the wall. There was a good 20 seconds of total silence in the place. I figured it would be a good time to get out and avoid the final hand shake. This was about four years ago, and the guy has turned down multiple opportunities to compete again.