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I (skill 6 at the time) was playing an APA 9 Ball match against a skill 9 player.

As with all players who have lost control of the table, he started hitting the balls harder and harder.
My experience differs considerably on this point. Not all players "start hitting the balls harder and harder" when they are left tough. Perhaps a number of very-inexperienced players might, but it would be exceptional to find an SL9 who does it habitually. I expect this behavior was probably his allowing frustration to over-rule table management skills. Good win for you, and he was definitely a poor sport, but I doubt what you witnessed was his normal mode of play.

Unfortunately there are some players who believe that they should always beat a lesser player, and this is just not true. If I know I am a better player than my opponent, this only means that I should beat him more often than not. It does not mean that I will win a particular game, or match. Your SL9 opponent may not understand this, which means he is going to experience these periodic bouts of frustration, and he'd better learn to deal with them. If I get beaten by a SL6 I just shake hands and move on. I'm not going to win every time, even against the worst of opponents.