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Link? What's that? You don't have one? I didn't think so , johnny/slim/joey/larry Wilson/co/sludge rule/ whoever you are. If you are unable to provide a link showing ME saying I hired an illegal and switched to the Republican party , then you are a lying POS. Can we at least agree on that? I know you won't respond to these accusations because you are a liar and a troll. I am indeed married to a Republican, so what? I have never been an addict. BTW, I am a lifelong Democrat. Only twice did I not vote for the Democratic candidate. Nixon/ Humphrey, I didn't vote, and I voted for Ross Perot once.
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When I got out I wondered what that was all about.
Instead of going home I bought a Harley and hung around San Fransisco
for a while. More bad JUJU.
My girl friend insisted on an abortion. I got busted for selling hash
and did a little time.

I finally made it back to the hills.
Went to work in a warehouse.
Had two sweeties, one black and one white and had three kids with them.
I definitely don't shoot blanks.

Lots of drugs and alcohol.