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Thread: Proud Conservative? You Should Be Ashamed! (Video)

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    Proud Conservative? You Should Be Ashamed! (Video)

    Proud Conservative? You Should Be Ashamed! (Video)

    AATP / May 4, 2013

    If there’s one thing that so-called “conservatives” are good at (besides lying, cheating, stealing, killing, racism, bigotry, misogyny, ignorance and destroying nature), it’s language. And I don’t mean speaking it, or writing it – because we’ve all seen the signs. I mean that they’re masters at Orwellian double-speak, and making positive words negative, and vice-versa. They frequently muddy the waters in this way, playing on people’s general stupidity and ignorance of history. It’s how they manage to claim Abraham Lincoln (a progressive) as their own, whilst simultaneously calling the democrats of today the party of the KKK–though the ideological switch of the parties and the exodus of racist democrats to the GOP all occurred as a result of the Civil Rights Act (which conservatives opposed) and thanks to the Southern Strategy has been this way ever since.Super Progressive Thom Hartmann explains what conservatives are, and what they’ve done,

    They say that “conservative” means someone who embraces traditional values, limited government, moderate change, and fiscal restraint. But those are just weasel words, the velvet glove over the brutal fist of an autocratic, authoritarian, and oligarchic form of governance. Here’s the reality of what Conservatives have ACTUALLY done to this nation in it’s 230-year plus history.

    First off, it was Conservatives who opposed the American Revolution, and many of them joined the British in fighting against George Washington’s army. Then, conservatives, at the birth of our nation, pushed to restrict voting rights at the federal level to only white men who owned property – although progressives like Thomas Jefferson and James Madison blocked those efforts – so conservatives at the state level picked up that cause.

    It was Conservatives who wanted to keep the “traditional American value” of slavery and fought progressive Abraham Lincoln so fiercely it led to an incredibly bloody and horrific Civil War. In the aftermath of the Civil War – Conservatives supported Jim Crow laws to keep freed slaves as second-class citizens.

    Watch this amazing video, and share with anyone who thinks that being a “conservative” is something to be proud of!
    “Sometimes people don't want to hear the truth because they don't want their illusions destroyed.” ~Friedrich Nietzsche

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    Spot On! Great group. I'm going to join!


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