TEApublicans Say The Darndest Things! (Video)

AATP 05/11/2013

I couldn’t believe my own eyes and ears when I watched this video, though I remember vividly all of these terrible things being said.

Joe Barton apologizes to BP for forcing them to pay for killing rig workers and destroying the Gulf Of Mexico.

Sharron Angle’s “Second Amendment Remedies.

Disgusting Tea Partier Louis Gohmert claiming Obamacare will kill senior citizens.

Glenn Beck says President Obama is a racist against white people!

Perhaps the most disturbing section of this video are the McCain/Palin rally attendees in Strongsville Ohio – you won’t believe it!

It’s all there folks. This is a great one to share with the TEApublicans you might know. Ask them if they agree that you should bring a chicken to your doctor’s office in lieu of payment instead of having affordable health insurance!

This edition features: Republican congressman (TX) Joe Barton, U.S. Senate candidate (NV) Sue Lowden, U.S. Senate candidate (NV) Sharron Angle, Lt. Governor (SC) Andre Bauer, congressman (TX) Louis (“Gomer”) Gohmert, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, former U.S. Senator George Allen, U.S. Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin, Fox “News” talking-head Steve Doocy, Republican attendees at Sarah Palin rallies, Michele Bachmann and George W Bush.
Here is the video uploaded to Youtube by InciteBytes: http://youtu.be/vjUPKJD2_PA


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