Obama administration “scandals” for dummies*

Posted: May 19, 2013

Turn on any news station this past week, and you’ll see the Republicans practically wetting themselves with glee over the triple “scandal” smorgasbord that’s been laid out before them (the Justice Department’s subpoenaing of AP phone records; the attack in Benghazi; and the IRS’s scrutiny of right-leaning “social welfare” groups).

First, some context

We all know that it’s been the Republican’s number one priority to see President Obama fail. (And I’m not making that up – they’ve stated it many times.) How ridiculous has this gotten? Way ridiculous. The conspiracy freak show hasn’t let up since Obama was elected 5 years ago. He can barely pass gas without a GOP congressperson being “outraged” and calling for impeachment. This week a picture of him making a speech in the rain with a marine holding an umbrella for him became a “thing” for people to be outraged about. (For the record, it took me about three minutes to find pictures of marines holding umbrellas for Clinton, both Bushes and Reagan.)

In fact, on Thursday of this past week CBS News reported on a letter they had obtained written by the Heritage Foundation to conservative members of Congress urging Republicans not to govern, but to instead focus on the would-be “scandals” plaguing the Obama administration.

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