Guys, the forum's dead so I thought I would post some tripe just to have the AZ whackos crawl out of the woodwork.
I noticed that johnny d's alter ego, woodhick slim from Glenville in West, by gum, Virginny, isn't even posting.

Whoever does the johnny/slim schtick, larry, casual ( angry old white guy) observer, sludge rule, whoever, ( I ruled out Cuejoey- he's too dumb to pull this off), had a neat little trick going. johnny would come on with his phony Christian hate, all about me, accusing me of every crime known to humanity.

Then, wait 2 or 3 minutes and woodhick slim would come on and exclaim " Gollee, Mr johnny, you say Hondo's a kweer! Well I hain't goner play pool with that ole boy and I done eben think Hondo's from the hills. I do beleeve he's a tee partyer carpetbagger from up north".

"You'uns gotta pardon me. I'm from West Virginny and I hain't got no good education. We hain't got nuttin but Clew clux clanners and tea partyers fixin the elekshuns here in West Virginny. Thanks, johnny for tellin me how evel Hondo is. You a good man."

Even larry gave up. He tried nine corner and a couple other flimsy disguises but the self proclaimed genius couldn't even alter his style.
Now he's copied some nonsense off of Google and trying to convince everybody that he had intense spiritual experiences in an isolation tank.
His deep experience was crapping in the tank and swallowing his own right wing shit. larry, wear a diaper the next time.